Where the Magic Happens: The Home Office

Where the Magic Happens: The Home Office

As a freelancer, I have the ability to work pretty much everywhere. Any time I want a change of scenery, I just pick up my laptop and relocate, whether that’s my couch (where I’m writing this exact post from) back patio, the library or my local Starbucks (which always feels like such a throwback homage to my university days). And while it’s sometimes nice to have a different space to stimulate new ideas and jumpstart a roadblock on the writing front, I really do love having a place of my own that I can retreat to when I’m feeling inspired. Which is where my home office comes in.

Back in February, my husband and I moved out of our condo into a townhouse. While we didn’t do a ton of renovations (we did do some and those were more than enough for the time being), I considered our three-storey home a clean slate to decorate however we (I) wanted, knowing that we were going to be here for a while. From our living room to our master bedroom and the home office, everything was carefully chosen. And while I love having cozy spaces to relax in, I also love having a room that inspires me to do what I love best.

The previous owners had a built-in bookshelf on one side of the room that I absolutely love — it’s actually what sold me on the house the most. With that being said, it was finished a glossy black that overtook the room, so once we got into the house I refinished and repainted it a light grey colour, which popped against the darker teal wall. I love having a mini library in my house to contain my ever-growing book collection (even if it’s not quite Beauty and the Beast level yet).

I decided to go with a two-toned room to keep it bright while still adding a bit of colour. On two walls (including the bookshelf wall), I went with a darker hue, while on the other two walls I opted for a very light green that actually almost perfectly matches my glass desk.

I wanted to keep the details light and semi-neutral since the books sort of occupy a lot of the colour in the room.

Desk: Wayfair | Desk chair: Structube | Armchair: IKEA | Cork board: Wayfair | Desk accessories: Etsy and Indigo (here and SIMILAR here)

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