Summer 2017 Reading List

I’m a bookworm throughout the entire year, but especially in the summer. Maybe it’s something to do with all of the quick beach reads coming out, or maybe that it’s just that I spend more time wanting to read outside instead of hibernating indoors with Netflix, but I devour books in the summer. There are some that I’ve already flown through, some that are patiently waiting on my shelf to be cracked open and some that I’m giving a second (or third) read because I loved them that much. Here are some new and old faves that I’m loving right now:

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine 

I love a novel that deals with family dynamics, social anxieties and has a good balance of dark humour and a love interest and this book hit all of those marks. For a book that had quite an upbeat tone, there was a very dark underlining that added interest to the entire story.




The Substitute

I read this literary psychological thriller back in the winter before it was published and I truly could not put it down. Written by Canadian author Nicole Lundrigan (who I got to interview here), the story follows an investigation of a teenage girl that was found dead in her teacher’s yard. It kept me guessing until the last chapter and I can’t stop recommending it.



I haven’t dug into this one, but have heard some pretty amazing things about it. While on the surface it’s about the local ice hockey team in a small town, it deals with so much more, including rape culture, small town issues and a sense of community (J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy had a similar vibe and it was so well done). This one is definitely on the list this summer.



Mystical Girl Material World

I’ve practiced yoga for years and have always had an interest in all things intuitive and kinda witchy. My latest interest has been tarot and crystal healing, but it’s always been labeled as kind of “weird.” As someone who works in beauty, fashion and lifestyle, I’ve always felt like you can’t have it both ways, but this book offers up a guide to all things high vibe (from yoga to tarot to astrology and shamanism) and how you can incorporate this into your life without sacrificing your pricey skincare.

The Beach

This is one of my favourite books (and movies — hi, young Leo!) and I’ve read it probably three or four times, but it’s been a while so I’m adding this to the pile for another round this summer. If you haven’t seen or read it, it follows a group of three travellers (Leo included) who are given a map to a secluded commune that was meant to stay secret. When they make it there, they realize that they’ve found paradise among other nomads, but things never stay perfect forever. It’ll fuel your desire to jet off to Thailand and disappear from your life, even just for a bit.

Since We Fell

This book was not what I expected in the best way possible. It follows a former broadcast journalist who becomes a virtual recluse, which damages her first marriage. She finally meets the guy of her dreams and he honours her anxieties, but it’s when something out of the ordinary happens that she’s pulled out of her comfort zone in ways she never thought possible — and never expected.

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