Latest Obsession: NEST Liquidless Diffuser

Latest Obsession: NEST Liquidless Diffuser

To me, home scents are just as important as the decor. As someone who spends a lot of time at home (both because I’m a bit of a homebody and I work from home a lot), I make home scents one of my priorities. I often have candles burning, usually get my Saje diffuser going in my bedroom a couple of hours before I start my unwind ritual and always have diffusers in the bathrooms to keep them fresh.

I’ve talked a bit about my home office, but what I didn’t mention is that I often like to have a scent going while I work to keep me motivated. Usually something light and citrusy to keep my mood boosted while I tap away at my keyboard. However, I also have a very, very strange dog named Odie who likes to sit on my desk while I work. Flames/spillable liquids and puppies don’t really mix.

So when the new NEST Liquidless Diffuser came across my desk, I was seriously intrigued. I love diffusers, but they are a bit of a mess unless they’re completely out of reach and even when you have to toss them out at the end. The new trio of scents (Bamboo, Grapefruit and Moroccan Amber) are all completely liquidless and have the aroma right in the diffuser sticks.

Admittedly, it’s a high price tag for a home scent, but it comes with five sticks and you definitely don’t need all five at once. When I opened my Bamboo one, I mistakenly put all five in the holder, closed my office door and then left it for the night. When I went back in the next morning the smell was so overwhelming that I pulled three sticks out and saved them in a bag for later. I’ve had mine out for a month and it’s still going strong.

NEST Liquidless Diffuser ($84)

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